iPhone 6 – The Next Step Ahead

iPhone 5 is in the offing but there is a bigger news! iPhone 6 is already in the development phase and Apple intends to create a device that was as revolutionary as the iPhone when it was released back in 2008. The new iPhone was the next step in the mobile communication devices. Sources say that iPhone 6 will be the evolution of mobile technology and a bid to do away with a number of other devices like cameras and notebooks.

With the icloud and other resources available at hand, apple wants to bring the laptop experience over the phone. This is going to be a device that will have some of the most powerful hardware and software resources. To ensure that the power levels are optimum, Apple is working towards the development of a battery that would be the first “charge and forget” power source. In short, Apple is developing the original “Duracell” of Apple devices. It is not known how has apple managed to garner resources to develop something like a battery in-house but sources suggest that there is a collaboration between an unknown conglomerate and Apple to develop something that would be behemoth in quality but graceful in looks.

There is a huge question mark on how Apple would render its camera experience to its new sound features. It is being said that Apple is developing on the sound features as well which have so far been elusive on small devices. There is no doubt that music over an Apple device can sound heavenly when the earphones are plugged. However the same cannot be said about the loud speakers. It is true that they are the best amongst the mobile devices but when compared to music players, they fall short. There is a distinct possibility that the iPhone 6 will have miniature Bose speakers especially designed for Apple. The powerful battery of the phone will have the usual battery life when one plays audio on speakers and the “charge and forget” feature will be seen when one does not use audio. This is another reason why Apple is developing a new powerful battery. But it must be pointed out that some sources suggest that the phones with Bose speakers will be manufactured exclusively.

Apple is going to manufacture some phones with enhanced audio visual features. For example, the phones with special Bose speakers will have a price tag which is much higher than the other ones. There is a possibility that these phones will either be auctioned or donated to technology museum for their enhanced out of the world features. These would be the pinnacle of technology which probably would be a tribute to the genius of Steve Jobs. But so far there is no confirmation of the same.

The enhanced battery power will also help drive one of the most powerful processors ever devised by Apple. It is said that a new processor called A6 is being developed to help drive the exclusive and remarkable features of iPhone 6. While it is not known who is developing this processor but seemingly this time Apple has given the opportunity to a new manufacturer. Sources believe that it is a subsidiary of the TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). It is an organization that deals with experimental processing and has contributed to development of projects involving super computers. The technology will incorporate elements of quantum computing principles which is still under development at MIT. When iPhone 6 will be released, it will be the most intelligent smartphone released. This will be the rightful step ahead in combining mobile technology with networking abilities.

3D Camera in iPhone 6?

We are about to see what wonders the iphone 5 will have when it is launched in a few months from now. But there is news doing rounds that even when Apple is working on the release of iPhone 5, its Design and Development department has already started work on the creation of the next version of iphone. It has been noticed in the past that iPhone has mostly strengthened its existing features and has shelled out developed versions of the pre-existing utilities. SIRI is a great example and one can see the evolution of the software to become more user friendly.

But all of it is would change with iPhone 6. Just like the first iPhone which created wonders in the mobile communication devices market, the iPhone 6 will be something that the world would not have expected before. iPhone has faced humungous competition from the Samsung touch screen devices. Today the Galaxy series run neck in neck with iPhone. But sources at Apple are confident that iPhone will once again propel as the numero uno handheld device with the release of iPhone 6. The same sources suggest that work is being done on the development of a completely new version of iPhone simultaneously alongside the iphone version being unveiled this year.

iPhone has always focused on camera and this technology in particular has been enhanced to a great degree in iPhone 6. It is a well known fact that James Cameron had developed his own 3D cameras for the shooting of Avatar. There is no need to tell how successful the movie was and how stunning its visuals were. Since then, even though 3D photography and 3D videos have become a rage, but none of them have rendered the same stunning experience that the Avatar movie did. Now the makers of iPhone 6 are trying to bring the same experience on the iPhone. It is believed that iPhone will have the most powerful camera amongst all phones and it will be a 3D camera at that.

The hardware features of the iPhone 6 will also be the most powerful amongst all mobile devices till date. They will beat the expectations of all other devices which would compete with iPhone 6. It is said that the phone will have three 12.0 mega pixel cameras and the hardware to drive it smoothly. These cameras will be placed at the back of the phone in a triangular format. There will be one camera at the usual location and 2 right blow it. These cameras will operate like a standard digital camera with auto image capturing features. The use of 3 cameras will ensure that there are 3 different views of the same object when it is captured and therefore the image will be a remarkable 3D photograph.

Think of it as a picture of a raft in splashing water. As you would move the picture from left to right, the drops closer to you will move lesser than the boat which is farther away. This will give a beautiful 3D experience. The makers have also decided to incorporate video filming features in the phone. This would mean that you can shoot your own 3D movies and watch them on the flat screen at your home with 3D glasses. There will be software features s incorporated to render 3D into flat 2D images. One can transfer videos to and from other devices with considerable ease.

Sources have also suggested that the Apple team has created special drivers and hardware resources to ensure that this humungous feature does not interfere with the normal functioning of the camera.

iPhone 6 Curved Screen

The launch of the fifth version of iPhone is in the offing. However there are rumors on the internet about the development of a sixth version of iPhone. Sources say that the blue print has already been developed and when it would be released, it would be as revolutionary as the first version of iPhone was in the mobile communication market.

Though not officially confirmed, sources suggest that the new version of iPhone would tentatively be released in late 2013 or early 2014. This is a slight aberration in the usual trend when the previous versions of iPhone have been released almost at a gap of a year. This has been true for all the previous versions of the iphone. However iphone 6 might beat this trend primarily because it is going to be something of a revelation in the communication technology. Even before it has been manufactured, sources have started to leak out the features that have been incorporated in the blueprint.

There is evidence to suggest that the new iphone 6 will be designed for style and visuals. By this we mean that not only will it look exemplary but also will comprise of features which would enhance a user’s experience especially when it comes to videos and photos. Sources suggest that a single block of metal will be used to create iphone 6 therefore giving it the look of an art work. The phone will have the minimal thickness but it will incorporate features never encountered before in the iphone. For example, the whole rectangular body of the phone has a concave cross section. But to compensate for the inward curve, the length of the phone has been increased. There is a huge possibility that iPhone 6 will exceed the length of 115.5 by a large margin. All the iphones till date have never exceeded the length 116. It is touted that iPhone 6 will have a length of almost 120 com. The breadth will increase in proportion but the curve of the phone will make up for the excesses.

Also , there is evidence which indicates that the iphone 6 will take the video technology to the next level. The shape of the phone will play a vital role in it. The curved screen will help the viewers have the IMAX experience on the phone. The makers have tried to deliver the unthinkable. The curve shape has been dictated by the precise measurements that will offer the viewers a curved screen to watch videos on. The special display drivers and accelerator cards will render the pictures such that the whole field of vision is encompassed. The designers have ensured that if one views videos with the phone at a distance of 12 inces from the eyes, the effect will be perfect. The best option is that this feature can be switched off and switched on, as desired by the users. Therefore if you have a buddy who wants to see pictures and videos on the phone, he will be able to do so without inconvenience. There are presets which would change pictures so that 2 people can view it on the same phone. The user will also be able to change these settings himself/herself and customize them using easy slider controls.

The curved iphone 6 will come in the usual black and white. But it is said that the makers also take into account the younger generation and there will be limited versions of iphone 6 models based on the Marvel franchisee and Stargate series. This means that both young and old fans will be able to capitaliz on the opportunity.

iPhone 6 Camera

Even though the iPhone 5 has not yet been released, sources say that preparations are under way to create iPhone 6 which will do away with all the backdrops of the previous version and include features which would not have been heard of earlier in any phone. But there has been a lot of speculations on the camera of the newer version of iPhones. Progressively since the release of iPhone in 2008, the latter versions have incorporated better camera features. So what kind of camera technology iPhone 6 will incorporate? The answer may not be far away.

Speculations are rife about iPhone 6 and there are rumors going online about it being a neo space age phone. However amongst all these rumors are also some sources which have credible evidence that the iPhone 6 is already into its design phase. These sources derive their information from the tightly guarded secrets of the Apple technology team which has tried not to give away any information. However, some information has been passed on from ex employees of the company which lends credible evidence of a stupendous phone in the making. This information points out that one of the biggest improvements in iPhone6 is its camera technology.

The camera of iPhone 6 will usher phone cameras into the next generation. It is being designed to meet the needs of amateur as well as professional photographers. The phone will have an incredible processor speed and RAM to support it. This is why the makers will be able to incorporate better camera features. The next version of iOS will incorporate rendering facilities which would help digitalize a video or an image with greater accuracy and ease.

It is being said that the front camera will be an 8.0 mega pixel camera and the rear one will exceed 15.0 mega pixels. This camera would have a capacity to capture a hundred frames a second which would help a creative individual capture images like the ones shown on the discovery channel. Most of the times, the professional photographers find carrying their cameras quite cumbersome due to the size. The iPhone 6 will not entirely eradicate the need for the big lenses but will certainly help reduce it. Work is in progress to help create lenses which are smaller but still render the same effect as an SLR lens. To help achieve the desired effect, some experts say that the iPhone 6 will come with an accessorial cover that would have a concave shape, with its deepest end on top of the rear camera. This would help gather as much light as a professional camera would and focus it on the small lens to help one capture those perfect photographs. Enhanced processor speed and hardware accelerator card would help reduce the image degradation to nil. The shutter speed initially would be preset but gradually would become more and more accurate.

This will be a patent design and would be available on demand. But the makers are already quite confident about this staggering development which-some say- is already into its beta phase. The camera has been the hallmark of the iPhone and the R&D department has had a separate wing assigned to its development and improvement. This is not an official segregation but sources confirm that work on this camera design has been on since the inception of the first iPhone 4 years ago.

To achieve the desired result, the imaging system will be a part of the iOS that would be included in iPhone 6. It has been designed to integrate accuracy of a digital camera and redering of a large lens in a small powerful camera on the phone.

iPhone 6 Features

The iPhone version 6 would have to go a long way to surpass all the previous versions of the iPhones and to thwart all competition from Samsung. Reports suggest that when it comes out, it would be one of the most powerful and elegant devices in its category.

The iPhone 6 will have a processor capability which would range between 4 to 6 Ghz processor speed. This would be complimented by the colossal RAM of up to 4 GB. The hardware accelerator card that would support the device would bring it to be compared with some of the finest laptops today. The new phone will be built in stainless steel, but its length will slightly be altered. All the features point towards the improvement of hardware and this is to enhance the user experience. The operating system therefore will be much more elegant. Work is on to make it seamless software that would combine all the features of the previous versions and take them to the next level. The iOS for iPhone 6 will have to be fast. Given the enhanced hardware support, it will have improved inbuilt capabilities that would incorporate the elements of networking and security. iPhone 6 is being designed for the next generation of web technology. It is being create to gap the bridge between computers and mobile devices.

It is believed that Digital Wallet will be more secure and the iOS will automatically prompt the users to download apps for whichever website they would visit, in case they wish to conduct automatic transactions. This is going to be aligned with all the major usage trends of a user. Hence in time one would be able to process all financial transactions without having to worry about security.

The touch screen experience will be coupled with SIRI (voice recognition software). This software is being designed to understand basic instructions and will gather information basis the sequence of words in those instructions. The inbuilt SIRI is going to help users multitask with ease. The enhanced hardware and software drivers will make it a smooth experience for users. This smart software will help users chat amongst each other as well as with websites! There is a word going round that the new SIRI will be able to convert language into basic codes in HTML, PHP and JAVA which would help users create objects and designs by merely saying them. This is being said to be the next generation of app designs where in future, an app would be created by mere mention of what a consumer would want.

Another boost to the hardware would be given by the 2 cameras which would make it one of the most powerful camera phones ever built. The front camera would be an 8.0 mega pixel device while the rear one is said to be something to match a Nikon or a Cannon digital camera. The storage capacity therefore would also be increased considerably. Some sources state that the blue prints have incorporated a storage capacity of almost 250 GB. The regular email, video players and downloadable codecs are already included.

The Quad Band phone would be designed to work in all countries across the globe. All the networking features will be included and the support services like GLONASS and GPS will become far more smooth. The phone is being designed to be a charge-and-forget device. The battery life will be given a huge notch and sources suggest that the ongoing test results to improve battery life have reached a new milestone. There is a distinct possibility that the phone would come out to be the finest touch phone ever.

What to Expect in iPhone 6

The iPhone 5 will be launched later this year. What Steve Jobs started as a revolutionary device has become a phenomenon and it continues to be so. Even before the release of the iPhone version 5, conjectures are being made about the iPhone in its sixth avataar. Sources say that the blue print has already been drawn and the iPhone 6 is going to surpass all the features of all the iphone versions developed till date.

It is expected that the sixth version of the iphone will be released in the latter half of 2013. It must be pointed out that upgraded versions of iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 are still in production. These models will have an 8 GB capacity and will be colored black and white.

So what would be the improvements in iPhone 6. Technical experts and sources from Apple have not revealed anything publicly but some information has made its way out of the iPhone “production house” by the word of mouth. iPhone 6-just like its predecessors- will be made in steel and the aluminiosilicate glass which has been the raw material for touch screen devices since their evolution. Apple has always wanted to keep iPhones, iPods and iPAds distinct and this was done by the varying sizes and some distinct features. The iPhone 6 however is said to break the trend, but not completely. The Standard length of all iPhones released till date has been 115 mm approximately. iPhone 6 however would be longer, with its length estimated between 118mm to 119 mm. The breadth however is believed to be the same. This is supposed to give the phone a sleeker look and have the ability to add a toolbar which would ensure that no applications remain in the background. This is something like the Windows Media Player-on-the taskbar version.

Now here is a shocker. The iPhone version 6 will have the 8.0 megapixel camera with the ability to record 1080p full HD videos in the front. The rear camera is touted to be 15.0 megapixel camera which would eliminate the need for any professional cameras! To support this single mighty feature, the processor is said to clock 5 Ghz along with a storage capacity of 256 GB! This phone is being designed to help eliminate the need for computers. The graphics accelerator card will help one match the capacity of the basic Alienware laptop model ! The 4 GB RAM is only going to make the functioning all the more smooth.

The combined features of CDMA and GSM have been retained in iPhone 6 and there is a possibility that there might be dual SIM versions of this phone out too. Experiments are going on to enhance the battery life and make it the battery with the longest life. The phone is being designed as charge and forget device.

But what is interesting are the features which would be included in it. It is said that iPhone 6 will support NFC or Near Field Communication via an inbuilt app which will allow users to connect with their local services (depending on the country) and make financial transactions like payments easier. The phone would also have a better speech recognition system which would allow the users to incorporate basic programming instructions with ease. For example, if one wants to record a broadcast and then mail the recording to the cloud, the user will be able to do so with mere speech using basic language and words. The phone is being designed to understand sequence of words and execute those functions without opening the basic apps and executing the instructions in the background. The GPS feature will remain as it was.